Student Essay – For Incoming Freshman Applicants Only

Applicants are required to submit two essays as part of their application. Four essay topics are provided below, of which two require a written response (300 – 400) words to complete your application.

Essay Topics – Please select two:

  • How has your neighborhood and/or community shaped you as an individual?
  •  Each of us is influenced by the people in our lives.  Please write about an experience when someone has influenced you and how this influence has changed your life.
  • What topic or activity are you most passionate about and why?
  • We all have our own unique set of beliefs.  Write about an important time when your beliefs were challenged or disrespected and how you handled the situation.

*Please note: While the application can be submitted online without the finished essays attached, the application is not considered complete without your essay submission. Once an application is submitted online, you will not be allowed to go back in and attach the essay to the online application for security purposes. In this case, we ask that you please submit your essays using the form on this page.